The Truth About Online Marketing for Lawyers

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The Truth About Online Marketing for Lawyers

Online marketing isn't easy, and any law firm SEO company that tries to tell you it is either doesn't really understand what their talking about or is missing the boat.

Real SEO takes time and online marketing - in any vertical - is hard. Period.

It's no longer about putting your business or law firm into every high-authority directory you can find. In fact, most of them aren't even valued that highly by search engines any more.

Believe it or not, helping to improve your little corner of society is a great way to indirectly boost your SEO and online marketing.

You'll feel good, and it will end up benefiting your company too.


Sponsorships usually come with links, events come with media buzz, and you never know what can come out of paying it forward. …but forget all of that. It’ll feel good too.

Sometimes we forget to see how all of this affects the bottom line and is actually beneficial overall.

When you give back to your community, it expands your brand, gets the word out, and creates more client trust for you.

Obviously, you can’t be doing this solely to get more clients and you need to actually care deeply about the causes you support. However, if you do and you give back, people view you as a total person. They see your human side much more.

When a traffic ticket lawyer is helping you better understand how guilty pleas affect auto-insurance hikes, you might only see a little bit of what we’re talking about.

However, if that lawyer sponsored the next Relay for Life, it gives him a more human feel.

You might be wondering how this has anything to do with your effectiveness as an advocate. Hold that thought, and you'll see in a bit...

People want a lawyer who is not only very good at what he does in the court room, but someone who is also warm and interested in protect his client’s interests.

By caring about others, you’ll become a better advocate because you’ll deeply be fighting for your clients and not just your wallet.

Realize: there is a whole world beyond earning links, building business citations, press releases, guest posting, on-Page SEO, and social media. When your law firm taps into this, you’ll start going very far.

No honest SEO company can tell you that you can become successful overnight. They can’t even tell you that getting to the number one spot in Google will get you oodles of clients.

However, what they can say is this: real company stuff gets you more exposure, gets you ranking higher in Google, builds your brand as a three-dimensional entity with a real heart, and slowly helps land you more clients in a way that no other marketing can.

We started this post off by saying online marketing is hard. And it is. But if you put yourself out there in the real world, your efforts will start to repay dividends in the virtual world too.

Lawyers: start doing real company stuff.