Redefining Success and How it Affects SEO

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Redefining Success and How it Affects SEO

Whenever people talk about SEO, lawyers tend to get very skeptical - and this makes sense.

Many of them have been burned before by black hatters using GSA, cloaking, and all sorts of nasty tactics they never even knew about or understood.

In many ways, SEO companies needed (and still need) to redefine business success and the methods they use to achieve it. After all, scoring 60 .edu links is absolutely irrelevant for a lawyer unless it affects his bottom line.

Even getting to the number one spot in Google is useless unless it leads to his or her firm's phone ringing.

This notion applies even more so to those who start their own law practice. After all, solo practitioners will likely have a small budget, requiring tons of creativity on the part of the SEO agency to discover quick wins that directly affect the bottom line.

In 2012, Will Reynolds put it best. He spoke at MozCon about "Real Company Stuff" and revolutionized the way SEO needed to be done.

Unfortunately, almost 5 years later, lawyers are still being burned by SEO companies that care more about buying expired domains and 301-redirecting them than actually helping their client get more business. It's nearly 2017, and this is happening far too often.

Entrepreneurs, and specifically SEO companies, need to rethink success and implement online marketing tactics that echo offline tactics.

For example, SEOs need to stop thinking about link juice and more about media exposure. If a law firm helps a local photographer or sponsors a blood drive, the PR that the firm receives could be incredible - even above the possible backlink from the Red-Cross.

Sponsorship opportunities are everywhere, and they usually help expand your brand and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

If only your SEO company would focus on your ROI and stop chewing your ear off about getting more links, your law firm would be in a much better position.

What can your firm do to get more clients? What can your SEO company be doing to help you best? For starters, answer the questions your clients are constantly asking. Put your answers in videos, blog posts, articles on your website, and even ebooks. Give away free information and earn their trust.

Next, whether your niche is law-oriented or something as rare as online speech therapy (believe it or not such a niche exists!), you need to build authentic relationships with people online within your niche. Not to get some backlink on a guest post, but to get the word out about your law firm or law practice.

If you start focusing on what your clients want, instead of how many links are pointing to your site or why your SEO company keeps using weird words you don't understand, your firm would actually grow.

When it comes time to hire a lawyer, your potential clients want to trust you. They want to find a person they can rely on. They want a person who is involved in helping his community. So give them that, and stop letting your SEO company tell you about 301 redirects or link juice.

When you get right down to it, we all need to be doing Real Company Stuff - now more than ever.