Why Social Media Marketing Matters

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Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Whether you're in online speech therapy or are a big-time corporate lawyer, growing your social media presence can be extremely challenging. But it’s vital if you want to get more traffic to your blog.

In the beginning, be sure to only start with one social media platform and become an expert in that one platform.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Experts say its better to be active and engaged on one outlet than to have dead accounts on 5 or more.

This means you need to choose a platform that will be best for your audience and then become a real pro at that particular platform.

For example, if you are a lawyer, you might want to choose Linked-In or Facebook. Afterward, you’ll want to garner as many followers and fans as you can and post often.

By building one solid community of engaged followers where you post content they actually want to consume and interact with, you will begin to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

In a way, social media marketing is like playing Risk, the board game. If you spread your troops too thin, you’ll easily get conquered. However, if you slowly build up your forces in one country (for us one social media account), you’ll easily be able to conquer more territory.

After you’ve built a community on one, it’s time to move on to another. Remember, more clicks can lead to more clients. So if you choose Twitter, be sure to follow only the people who you think will end up using your services or buying your products.

After all, the goal is to drive traffic to your site and successfully convert that traffic into customers or buyers.

Be sure to post pictures along with your Tweets. Doing that can boost engagement tremendously and really gives you an opportunity to get Retweets.

Facebook can be difficult to leverage. You’ll need to probably utilize Facebook Ads to get people to like your page and see your posts. While it might seem like an attractive platform to start with. In reality, it should be your second or third due to difficulty to master.

Regardless of what platform you choose to use, remember that being active on social media is essential to getting more business to your site.

It also can help improve your SEO. After all, social shares are becoming more and more important to Google as a sign of trustworthiness and some even argue relevance.

If you want to go after professionals, LinkedIn is your best bet. You can make connections with people in your line of work and try to even build referral networks. Try to post content on LinkedIn too.

If you do that enough, you’ll likely become an authority in your field and more prominent. If people like what they read, they’ll reach out to you for guidance, assistance, and offer you opportunities.

Sometimes one post on LinkedIn can land you a brand new client or even a job if you need it.

Social media in 2016 is growing faster than anyone could ever have anticipated. If your business is not on it, you’re missing out tons of sales, tons of clients, and - most importantly - tons of money.